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Sunday, June 12, 2011

English Drama: Bawang Merah&Bawang Putih

            Kemarin, saya sudah memposting naskah drama Malin Kundang. Nah, kali ini saya akan memposting tentang hal yang sama, yaitu Naskah drama. Namun, kali ini ceritnya berbeda yakni tentang Bawang merah dan bawang putih. Dengan senang hati saya mempersembahkan untuk teman-teman.

Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih

A long time ago, there live a couple husband and wife. Them have a very beautiful daughter, the name is Bawang Putih. Her father was a seller, he like a long trip. Them have neighbor is a widow and her daughter name Bawang Merah.
The Mama Red was jealous  to the Mama White because Mama White is rich. Same like Bawang Merah, Bawang Merah was jealous to the Bawang Putih because Bawang Putih is more beautiful than  her. One time Papa White want to go to the city.

Papa White                                        : “Mama, I will go to the city for a some days.”
Mama White                                     : “I just want to say be carefull in there!”

Tomorrow morning......

Papa White                                        : ”Mama, Bawang Putih, I go first, take care your self. 
                                                               I love you.”
Mama White                                     : ”I love you too, and be carefull, Papa!”
Bawang Putih                                    : “Be carefull dad, I love you too!”

                And, Papa White left them. A few days later, When Bawang Putih going to the river, Mama Red and Bawang Merah start their evil plan.

Mama Red                                          : “Bawang Merah, what if we poisoned Mama White?”
Bawang Merah                                   : ”Yes, I agree. We must kill her right now!”

                Mama Red give a poison to the foods her made. And her give the poisoned food to Mama White.

Mama Red                                         : “Mama White, I made a food for you.”
Bawang Merah                                  : “Ya, Eat quickly.”
Mama White                                      : “Ouh... Thank you very much!”

                Mama White carry that food to inside the house and eat it. But, she felt dizzy and faint.

Mama White                                      : “Help me...... Help!”

                A few minutes later, Bawang Putih come back from the river and see her mother faint on the floor.

Bawang Putih                                     : “Mama... Why you sleep here?”
Mama White                                      : “Umh... Bawang Putih....”
Bawang Putih                                     : “Mama...Mama, are you okay?”
Mama White                                      : “Bawang Putih..I’m sorry..I can’t keep you again..
                                                               take care yourself,kid!”
Bawang Putih                                     : “Mama.... don’t leave me,Ma!”

                Bawang Putih’s cry heard by Mama Red and Bawang Merah, them laught happily. A few days later Papa White came.

Papa White                                        : “Hello everybody....!! I’m home...!”
Bawang Putih                                    : “Papa...Mama...Mama, pa...!”
Papa White                                        : “Calm down... What’s wrong with Mama?”
Bawang Putih                                     : ”Mama has been past away..”
Papa White                                        : “...”

                A few month ago....

Papa White                                        : “Bawang Putih, I want to tell you something.”
Bawang Putih                                     : “What is that?”
Papa White                                        : “I want to marry with Mama Red, so she will to take 
                                                              care of  you.”
Bawang Putih                                    : “... Okay, if that you want.”

                And Papa White marry with Mama Red, and then their live together. Not long after their marry, Papa White want to go to the city again.

Papa White                                       : “Mama Red, I want to go sell something in the city. 
                                                             Please take care Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih.”
Mama Red                                       : “Okay, darling. I will take care them well.”
Papa White                                       : “Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah, what you 
                                                              want from the city?”
Bawang Merah                                : “I want many beautiful dress, shoes, and jewelry.”
Bawang Putih                                   : “I just want a white rose and your safe.”
PapaWhite                                       : “Okay.. I will get you ask. Bye..bye.. all!”
MR, BP, BM                                   : “Bye..bye,papa!”

                After their father go to city, Mama Red and Bawang Merah begin to rude Bawang Putih.  

Mama Red                                      : “Putih! You must wash clothes, plate, and all kind of 
Bawang Merah                               : “Wash my clothes until clean like new!”
Bawang Putih                                  : “Y..yes, mom!”
MR and BM                                   : “Quickly!!!”

                Every day, Bawang Putih always abused by Mama Red and Bawang Merah. When Bawang Putih go to the river, she feel miss to her mother. Then hear a sound of a gold fish...

Gold Fish                                         : “Help...Help me! Can you help me the sweet girl?”
Bawang Putih                                  : “Who and where are you?”
Gold Fish                                         : “I’m here. Can you take down this thing from my mouth?”
Bawang Putih                                  : “Ha?? You can talk? Oh, okay..okay I will help you!”
Gold Fish                                         : “Puah..! thank you very much good girl! My name is Ikan  
                                                            Mas,  what’s your name?”
Bawang Putih                                   : “ Putih. How you can talk?”
Gold Fish                                          : “Forget it, Bawang!

                Bawang Putih has a new best friend. One day, Bawang Merah saw Bawang Putih chatting with fish. Then she catch the fish and fried it. After that, she give the bone of  Ikan Mas to the Bawang Putih.

Bawang Putih                                : “What are you dong to my friend?”
Bawang Merah                             : “Friend?? That’s fish! Are you crazy?”

                Bawang Putih make a grave for her friend. And then, a miracle happened, on the fish grave turn up a gold plant. And the news heared by the kingdom. The kingdom sent a guard to take the gold plant for medicine the Queen.

Guard 1                                        : “We from the kingdom want to take the plant for Queen 
BM and MR                                : “Yes, take it.”
Guard 2                                         : “Okay, I will take it. Ugggh... I can’t.”
Guard 3                                         : “’re tired! Let me try! Uggggh...hah..hah..
                                                          It’s very hard.”

                The guard and Bawang Merah and Mama Red can’t take the gold plant. Then, came Bawang Putih.

Bawang Putih                              : “Let me take it!”
Mama Red                                  : “Bawang Putih!!! You must...
Guard 2                                        : “Ssssstt....”

                And, Bawang Putih can take the plant and give it to the guards. Bawang Merah and Mama Red give a angry face to Bawang Putih. 3 days later, the Queen has been recover.

Prince                                          : “How your feeling?”
Queen                                          : “I’m better now, I think you need go to the girl and 
                                                        say thank you!”
Prince                                           : “Yes, mom. I will go there. Guard get me to that house!”
Guard 1, 2, 3                                : “Okay, prince..”

(In Bawang Putih’s house)

Guard 1                                        : “Excuse me!”
Bawang Putih                               : “Yes..”
Guard 3                                         : “This is it, Prince! The girl who plant that tree.”
Prince                                             : “Really?”
Bawang Putih                                : “Yes,I’m.”
Prince                                            : “Thank you. Because the plant my mother has been 
                                                         recover. And, I promise Will marry with a girl who 
                                                         has been make my mother recover. So, i Purpose 
                                                          to marriage you.”
Bawang Putih                               : “Immpossible, you must been wrong.”
Prince                                           : “No, you’re the girl. Are accept my purpose?”
Bawang Putih                               : “Yes, I accept.”

                Bawang Putih carry to the palace to meet the queen.

Prince                                          : “Mom, this is the girl.”
Queen                                          : “Is that you, sweet girl?”
Bawang Putih                              : “Yes, Queen.”
Prince                                          : “Mom, I purpose to marry her. Are you blessing us?”
Queen                                          : “Of course,son. I blessing you.”

                Tomorrow morning, the wedding ceremony is marry.

Bawang Merah                          : “Mom, why Bawang Putih marry with the prince, 
                                                        why not me??”
Mama Red                                 : “I don’t know, stupid girl!”
Bawang  Merah                         : “Arrrrrghhh......”

                Finally, Bawang Putih and  the prince live happily forever.


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